November 2012

30 November 2012

Peer review report on EPA's draft watershed assessment

Earlier this month the EPA made public a peer review report on its Bristol Bay watershed assessment. A 12-member panel reviewed the report and provided specific recommendations. Also in the 193-page document is a summary of public comments received by the EPA during the public input process on the watershed assessment. 

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30 November 2012

EPA Peer Review Report

pwe-peerreviewPebble Watch explores the official Peer Review Report on the EPA's draft Watershed Assessment. A review team of 12 independent scientists provided comments on the draft assessment. These comments were compiled into a 193-page report published in early November 2012. Pebble Watch has included highlights from the report, including reviewer's suggestions on technical comment and additional research.

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15 November 2012

Cultural studies highlighted in EPA watershed assessment

In our July newsletter, we wrote about the importance of salmon in Bristol Bay cultures, as covered in the EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment’s report on Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Cultural Characterization of the Nushagak and Kvichak Watersheds, Alaska. One of the authors of that report, Dr. Alan Boraas, gave a presentation of his findings during a Nov. 1 talk at Kenai Peninsula College.

Boraas and co-author Catherine Knott interviewed 53 Bristol Bay residents for their report, asking questions about the role of salmon in their lives and their definitions of wealth.

Articles in the Peninsula Clarion and Redoubt Reporter (both of Kenai, Alaska) covered Boraas’ talk and include several quotes and photos from the presentation.

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09 November 2012

EPA releases peer review report

The EPA has released its final peer review report for the draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. The panelists reviewed the science behind the assessment. You can see the full report here. Stay tuned to for an overview of the findings.


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