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Special Editions

EPA Peer Review Report

pwe-peerreviewPebble Watch explores the official Peer Review Report on the EPA's draft Watershed Assessment. A review team of 12 independent scientists provided comments on the draft assessment. These comments were compiled into a 193-page report published in early November 2012. Pebble Watch has included highlights from the report, including reviewer's suggestions on technical comment and additional research.

Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates

PWEaquaticsforwebPebble Watch explains factors that affect fish habitat, the role of aquatic invertebrates and summarizes fish data collected for the Pebble Limited Partnership's Environmental Baseline Document in this new "Fish and Aquatic Invertebrates" fact sheet.

Geotechnical and Seismic Studies

Planning a large mine development requires consideration of the geotechnics and seismicity of an area to assess earthquake risk. Pebble Watch explores this topic in a new fact sheet, with an overview on the basics of geotechnics and seismicity, how they relate to mining and permitting, and what the Pebble Limited Partnership Environmental Baseline Document says on the issue.

Special Edition: Draft Watershed Assessment

Your guide to the U.S. EPA Bristol Bay Draft Watershed Assessment

Pebble Watch Explores presents a special 8-page edition, "Your guide to the U.S. EPA Bristol Bay Draft Watershed Assessment." The guide presents a chapter by chapter overview, as well as information on how to give public input on the document.

EPA Watershed Assessment

Pebble Watch Explores the U.S. EPA Bristol Bay Draft Watershed Assessment in this title, giving an overview of what it is, how it relates to development of the Pebble mine, and how readers can give public input on the document.
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About Pebble Watch

Pebble Watch is an impartial, educational and fact-based initiative of the BBNC Land Department to disseminate information regarding the proposed Pebble Mine project to BBNC shareholders and interested parties. 

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