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Note: In 2007, Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) contracted the non-profit Keystone Center to "conduct and independent stakeholder assessment dialogue feasibility study and, if feasible and desirable, design an independent stakeholders dialogue process to address issues raised in the assessment." The Keystone Center conducted the assessment. It also facilitated science panels that brought together independent scientists to review baseline environmental studies conducted by PLP and its contracted scientists. When Anglo American divested from the project in 2013, the contract with Keystone was not renewed. Since that time, the Keystone Center has changed its mission and no longer retains documentation of its role in the Pebble mine dialogue at its website. Pebble Watch covered some of the science panels in detail, and some videos of the panels still reside on YouTube. For readers interested in the baseline science published by PLP and reviews by independent scientists, these panels provide a wealth of information.


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State of Alaska "Bristol Bay Forever" public initiative, passed November 2014

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  • Responsible Conduct of Research: Six free online courses from Columbia University on topics such as "Conflicts of Interest," "Responsible Authorship and Peer Review," and "Collaborative Science."

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